What is MORS?

The Milestones of Recovery Scale (MORS) is an effective evaluation tool for tracking the process of recovery for individuals with mental illness.

Uses for MORS

MORS is a recovery-based outcome tool that can help all levels of mental health systems answer the question:  Are we offering effective services that are helping individuals to achieve more meaningful lives?

Training and Resources

MHALA offers a diverse range of training products to support your programs’ use of the MORS.  “Introduction to MORS” training is required for any staff using the MORS to rate the recovery of the clients they work with.


The most frequently asked questions about MORS are answered here, including more about what MORS is, how to use it, training, research, and development.

MORS is a Reliable and Valid Instrument

MORS went through standard testing for reliability and validity.  More details about the testing can be read in an article published in the Community Mental Health Journal.

MORS has No Per-Administration Fee

The Milestones of Recovery Scale has no initial purchase price and no per administration fee.  The only mandatory cost associated with using the MORS is the required introductory training.